From Side Gig to Main Gig!!

I'm excitedly posting {to basically nobody} that I'm pursuing PS Plum Social FULL TIIIIME!!!! No more day job, well, THIS is my DAY JOB now. A full-time stahving ahtist, if you will. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to call my passion my job, and want to thank everyone who has supported me, whether by ordering invitations or by complimenting my work. Each and everyone of you has given me the courage to keep going, and to eventually, after 2 really busy years, just go for it.

A little update on my plans ... I'm of course going to continue doing custom projects, but I'm also going to work on some ready-to-buy cards (that can always be personalized with party details or just a name for stationery). I also would like to start selling individual cards in stores, and am working on a variety pack for those of us with a well-rounded social life (think weddings, baby showers, weekends at friends' houses, etc...) An Etsy store is in the works as well, but since you know about the website, you can always just email me directly with inquiries!

Also, get excited for tons of shameless self promotion on Instagram (follow psplumsocial) and Facebook.

If for whatever reason you are reading this, go ahead and tell yo friends, tell yo wife to amp up the orders! And hey, men need stationery too, so hit me up!