Gettin' Bloggy With It

Greetings Earthlings!! Really excited to get my website up and running, so thank you for checking it out. This blog might evolve, but for now I'll use it to showcase my inspiration. 

Typically, I'm inspired by art, architecture, fashion and nature. I love combining unexpected colors, textures and patterns both in design work and wardrobe. While I sometimes wish my house of full of cool and neutral palates in calming patterns, I'm usually drawn to primary colors with bold, geometric prints. Honestly, they just make me happy. 

When designing cards, ideas often just pop into my head, and I go with it. Obviously the main goal is to please the customer, so always happy to collaborate! So happy, humbled and spurred on by my friends who've hired me to design their special cards, and hope P.S. Plum Social continues to grow!